Friday, May 15, 2009

MAKE My Heart Skip A Beat!

The new issue of MAKE Magazine is out and it's positively incredible! This issue, Re-Make America, should in the hands of every school, home, and workplace in the country. How inspirational! It's time to start thinking outside of the recycling bin!

Screen Printing For a Cause

Last week was the busiest I've had in a while. Per and I have been helping some friends on various aspects of an independent film they're making. In the film, Otis Under Sky, the main character is building a huge interactive light installation. Per has been helping to make the physical installation a reality since we met Anlo and Mandi (the film's parents) back in October of last year. This weekend was finally the unveiling of the light installation as well as a fundraiser for the film and a public sneak-peek. It was an awesome event and here are some of the reasons why it was particularly awesome for me:

*I screen printed shirts to sell at the event and also set up a live screen printing station on site. People could bring their own shirt to have printed on, or just give me the shirt off their back. Mandi said the shirts brought in the highest amount of donations out of everything at the event.

*Being in charge of the screen printing definitely made me feel ready to start offering my lessons more officially to the public. I decided to list my screen printing workshops on Craigslist and am already gaining some interest.

*The space where the event was held is called Co-Lab, an independent media art space and community center in East Austin. I talked to the proprietor, Shawn, and he was very enthusiastic about the Treetrunkwise mission and having me do some workshops there.

*In brainstorming about possible interactive installations to bring to the Co-Lab space, Per and I have unearthed the Beautiful Machine project and are working on several exciting new appendages to the photo collection. These will be interactive elements which bring the participant into the world in the photos. We are very excited about the possibilities and hope to have something to present to Co-Lab sometime this year.

Sometimes you just have to take a moment to step back and realize how lucky you are. I am thankful for the opportunities I've recently been given, and I hope to use the experience and connections I've gained to further advance the dream! Cheers!

Here are some pictures of me screen printing at the event...

..And some beautiful pictures of the light installation.

**All of the above pictures were taken by Don Mason and I have posted them here with his written permission. You can see more of his work on his Flickr page. Thanks, Don!