Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I ♥ Moss!

I miss Seattle. I miss the little city in the midst of the big rain-forest. I miss the sidewalks that are broken and pushed up by massive tree roots. I miss stairs and concrete covered in moss. I MISS MOSS!

In the last week, I have seen a series of postings via CRAFT magazine on how to build your own little moss terrarium in a jar. I freaking LOVE this idea! I adore shadowboxes and miniature environments that make me want to crawl right inside. The moss terrarium beautifully combines my love of mossy and tiny environments into an absolutely spell-binding tiny mossy environment!

I cannot wait to try this.

Here are some links on the how to.

A great little tutorial including the word "frippery"
See how Becky Stern's moss terrarium turned out.
A more in-depth how-to, including ideas for both closed and open containers.
Use a wine bottle as your "mossarium" container.
Martha Stewart gets into the act making "fairyland terrariums" with Dame Julie Andrews.

image credit: becky'smossarium