Friday, February 27, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood

[Image Cred: Artist: Kneil Melicano. This design was the winner of a most prestigious award for the year's best on If you don't know about Threadless tee-shirts, check it out!]

This year I have reason to start thinking about my Halloween costume early. One of my oldest friends is getting married on Halloween and I am her maid of honor. The entire wedding is Halloween themed, and everyone including the bridal party will be in costume. As of right now, I think Per and I will be dressing as Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.

I found the most amazing pattern for a knitted and felted red hooded cloak from CRAFT magazine. It's out of my league for now, but I'm pushing myself to learn all of the techniques required in the pattern. I may opt out of the felting part, as I really like the way the knit looks on it's own, but that will require some resizing of the pattern.

THREE girls have learned to knit since I started the Stitch n' Bitch three weeks ago! Congratulations: Sarah, Mandi, and Casey! Hope to see you all at the future hen-house knit nights!

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