Thursday, July 26, 2012

Back to the Drawing Board

For the last couple of weeks I've been trying to push my creativity by drawing something every day, no matter how simple, plain, or just plain bad. It's been a great creativity exercise, and I had forgotten how much I really enjoy it!

Through this exercise, I've also realized that the artist's sketchbook is a fascinating and often overlooked treasure! Individually, the pieces may not speak to the ability or style of the artist, but once you begin looking at the collection as a whole, not only does the artist's style begin to come through, but often you can really begin to see their process- when they allow themselves to play, get messy, go with the flow, and go out on a limb. Seeing the process of an artist or designer becomes important when you're trying to choose the right person to bring a project to life. Looking at an artist's sketchbook is getting a glimpse into their mind, and with that connection and understanding you may be able to tell if they'll be able to take your project somewhere you'd like to see it go. A polished portfolio can't show you all of that. Epiphany!

Here are some recent drawings from my sketchbook, all drawn with pigment ink (no eraser). I'm looking forward to experimenting with color on some of these. I'm also hoping to end up with some good screen print ideas and lots more!

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